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    Good quality

    Layer by layer check to ensure quality requirements

    Years of experience

    Years of production experience, providing excellent products

    Manufacturers sell

    Preferential supply reduces costs


    Zhangjiagang City Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Zhangjiagang City Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. founded in the last century, the eighties, all these years, people have always been pragmatic Yongda adhere to the "quality first, users first" business philosophy, and adhere to independent innovation. In the new old customer care and support, unremitting Yongda Compose a one person touching another one chapter.

    National Civilized Sanitary City is located in Zhangjiagang City 11, the newly built factory is located in the Yangtze River shore Changyinsha farms. The company specializes in the production of centrifuges, adhere to the "market-oriented to meet the user demand personal responsibility" for the development direction of continuous improvement and development of product structure.


    GK series horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge

    GKF series clean horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge

    GKC series wall-mounted clean aseptic scraper unloading automatic centrifuge

    GKH series siphon horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge

    HR series horizontal double-stage piston pusher automatic centrifuge

    HY series horizontal single-stage piston pusher centrifuge

    LW series horizontal spiral sedimentation automatic centrifuge

    LWL series horizontal spiral filter automatic centrifuge

    LLWZ series horizontal spiral sedimentation filter automatic centrifuge

    Yongda people always adhere to the business philosophy of "excellent quality and customer first", providing more perfect and more comprehensive service support for more customers

    > Innovation and development

    > Innovation and development

    For decades, the company has obtained 43 scientific and technological achievements, including 4 invention patents and 39 utility model patents. The above achievements have been successfully transformed into products (samples). All successfully developed and realized production sales and orders. The Wanda brand products manufactured by the company were awarded the "Top Ten Chinese Chemical Equipment" enterprises in 2012, the "Excellent Supporting Suppliers of the Chinese Chemical Equipment Industry" in 2013...


    > Large-scale production

    > Large-scale production

    "Technology leads the future, professional creation is unlimited." As a professional manufacturer of centrifuges at home and abroad, Yongda Machinery has been committed to the continuous improvement of product quality since the birth of the company. Quality management, constantly updating and improving manufacturing equipment and technology to ensure that customers are assured of quality.
    The company now has more than 200 sets (sets) of various general (dedicated) manufacturing equipment...


    > Quality Control

    > Quality Control

    Yongda regards product quality as life. In order to ensure the quality of each product, Yongda has established a very complete quality inspection guarantee system and has a professional inspection team. Therefore, the product quality strictly implements ISO9001: 2005 standard, the introduction of dynamic balance, magnetic particle inspection, X-ray inspection, Various advanced testing equipment such as tensile tester, spectrum analyzer, etc. are strictly inspected from raw material storage to product delivery...


    > Efficient service

    > Efficient service

    Yongda people always believe that your needs are our services. Kind and considerate, accurate, convenient, efficient, fast, wholeheartedly for customers, dedicated to customer service. We are convinced that good cooperation and mutual trust will definitely establish our long-term cooperative partnership.


    Gained Jiangsu Province's High-tech Innovation Enterprise in 2019

    Famous brand in China in 2019

    In 2019, it won the national conformity assessment and reliable product

    Obtained Suzhou famous brand product certificate in 2018

    Won "top ten brands of centrifuge equipment in Jiangsu Province" in 2018

    In 2017, the company won the title of "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise"

    In 2016, it was awarded "Jiangsu private technology enterprise"

    In 2015, it obtained the certificate of high and new technology product certification

    In 2013, it won the "excellent supporting supplier of China's chemical equipment industry"

    It has passed the certification of 1s09001:2015 quality management system and strictly followed the system standard


    Yongda Machinery

    Will continue to pioneer and innovate, and develop towards science and technology, mechanization, precision and networking

    (NIGHT)On Duty Tel: +86-512-58641153 , +86-512-58964112 , +86-512-58640824


    ADD: Zhangjiagang City Changyinsha Longchang Hongqi East Road

    P.C: 215623

    Director, General Manager: Mr Ma Aizhong  M.B.: +86-13906245886

    TEL: +86-512-58641153 , +86-512-58964112 , +86-512-58640824

    (NIGHT)On Duty Tel: +86-512-58641153

    FAX: +86-512-58649008

    E-MAIL: yd@yongda.cn , wd@wdlxj.com

    URL: http://www.schaefferstaffing.com


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    GK series horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge,GKF series clean horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge,GKC series wall-mounted clean aseptic scraper unloading automatic centrifuge,GKH series siphon horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifuge,HR series horizontal double-stage piston pusher automatic centrifuge,

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