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    Introduction of the advantages and characteristics of decanter centrifuge

    Time: 2020-03-31

    Today, the decanter centrifuge manufacturers will introduce the advantages and characteristics of decanter centrifuges, and hope to help everyone.

    The decanter centrifuge uses a direct-connection explosion-proof motor to eliminate friction dust caused by belt drive. At the same time, because the motor is installed at the bottom of the machine, the area of ??its cage cover is small.

    Blocking structure, sealed with silicone rubber or fluorine rubber. Equipped with a nitrogen protection system (optional), which can realize the requirements of closed and explosion-proof, and is suitable for toxic, flammable and explosive applications.

    Universal, not easy to break particles, can be used for solid phase particle suspension and separation, also can be used for the separation of fiber materials, a wide range of combinations.

    Adopt frequency conversion start, smooth start, adjustable separation coefficient; non-contact energy-consuming braking system.

    The housing cover is clamped, and the feeding tube, cleaning tube, viewing mirror and lighting hole are set. Equipped with an online cleaning system to clean the inner wall of the decanter centrifuge, the inner and outer surfaces of the drum, the surface of the liquid collection tank and other invisible parts inside the centrifuge to ensure that the cleanliness meets GMP requirements.

    The frame and the shell are welded integrally, and the bearing strength is high.

    Equipped with a liquid damping absorber, which has a good damping effect and simplifies routine maintenance.

    The machine base adopts a flat structure, which reduces the center of gravity of the machine and reduces the installation space. The flat bed can be used as a control platform, which is more convenient to operate.

    The structure design of the decanter centrifuge is fair, the structural parts are smoothly transitioned, the surface is polished, and the dead corners are effectively eliminated. The external structural parts and fasteners are made of stainless steel. The shell is clamshell, which can clean the interlayer space between the centrifuge shell and the drum.

    The above is all about the advantages and characteristics of the decanter centrifuge. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For more information, please pay attention to the decanter centrifuge manufacturer.


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