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    Innovation and development

    For decades, the company has obtained 43 scientific and technological achievements, including 4 invention patents and 39 utility model patents. The above achievements have been successfully transformed into products (samples). All successfully developed and realized production sales and orders. The Wanda brand products manufactured by the company were awarded the "Top Ten Chinese Chemical Equipment" enterprises in 2012, the "Excellent Supporting Suppliers of the Chinese Chemical Equipment Industry" in 2013, and the "High-tech Product Certification Certificate" in 2015. In 2016, it was awarded "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise", "Jiangsu Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise", in 2017, it was awarded the "Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise", and in 2018 it was awarded the "Top Ten Brands of Centrifuge Equipment in Jiangsu Province" and "National Conformity Assessment Quality Trustworthy Product "," Chinese Famous Brand "and other honorary titles. The company has established a standardized modern enterprise management system. In 2013, it obtained the" Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Credit Management Standard Implementation Certificate ", passed the 1S09001: 2015 quality management system certification and strictly followed the system. Standard implementation. The company attaches great importance to "Science and Technology Innovation Policy and Intellectual Property Management". The company has developed a comprehensive "R & D institution management system", "R & D expense accounting system", etc. and cooperates with the technical team of scientific research universities on technology industry cooperation: Based on the research and development environment and talents, Yongda Machinery has continuously broken through and developed a variety of high-tech High-quality products with advanced technological content and advanced domestic technical level. These products not only meet the national conditions, but also have high technological content as high as the GMP standard for pharmaceutical production. They can also replace imported similar products, filling domestic technological gaps in this field, and Won several honors. At the same time, the company has excellent ability to synchronize product design and development and supply vertical integration.


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